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Thierry Lincou - helt tæt på

February 08, 2011Tobias Pørtner

I de professionelle kredse er han kendt som en af de aller mest professionelle og sympatiske spillere. Han har været med i hvad der føles som altid og var bl.a. en af de spillere der før i tiden kæmpede mod legender som Peter Nicol og Jonathon Power der for længst har stoppet deres gloværdige karrierer.
I Danmark har vi også tidligere stiftet bekendte med den franske stjerne, da han for nogle år tilbage gæstede den danske squash camp for juniorspillere.
Få her et lille indblik Thierry Lincous karriere og liv.


Name and age: Thierry Lincou, 34 years old

Which clubs are you representing, and when and where did you start your career? I play for Marseille in France, Leeds in England and Aufsburg in Germany.
I turned pro at 18

What’s your ranking in your home country and PSA? I am number 2 in France behind Gaultier and 7 in PSA

What’s your highest ever PSA-ranking? NUMBER 1 in 2004 and whole year 2005

What are your goals for this season, and for your career in general? My goal is to rest now for 2 months because of an injury and then try to stay in the top 8 and reach some semi finals or finals in big tournaments

What’s your greatest achievement so fare in your career? The world Open title and PSA n°1

Runner up at the British open
Runner up up at the world team championships

What are your biggest strenghs and weaknesses as a squash player? Strenghts are my fitness, speed, intelligence of the game, mental

Who are your sponsors? What racquet do you play with and why? Tecnifibre , Asics and ASB
Raquett is CARBOFLEX 140 - it is a great combination for power and control

Who is your biggest squash role model? It was Nicol and Power a bit

What’s your most embarrassing squash experience? There are many… every losses

Everything else

When your not training and playing tournaments, how do you like to spend your time? (maybe a hobby etc.) Share time with my wife and kids (2 girls)
Spend time in my sport car FORD FOCUS RS
Get some good food

Which movie is your favourite and why? Braveheart. Good inspiration…

What’s your favourite dish? Japanese and chinese food

What’s has the greatest experience in your life been so fare? (not squash related) Probably my weeding and the birth of my daughters

If you had to go to a deserted island and could only bring 3 things, what would these be? Can not take my car, so good food, some rhum and sunglasses

Why did you choose to play squash? Because i loved it from the first time and was hooked up

And at last, tell us something about yourself that we don’t know I change my grip for each match in a tournaments
I wear long tight socks to prevent injuries to my calfs
I shave my legs since 2 years