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En kommende verdensetter?

January 12, 2011Tobias Pørtner

Han fyldte idag 20 år, men trods hans unge alder har han allerede ved flere lejligheder vist at han er en spiller som selv de allerbedste skal tage alvorligt. Han har bl.a. markeret sig stærkt ved senior VM i en alder af blot 17 år, samt siddet solidt på tronen ved British Junior Open i en årrække inden han for nyligt også aldersmæssigt rykkede ind i de voksenes rækker.
Han er egypternes nye store håb, og måske den nye Ramy Ashour?

Name and age: Mohamed Elshorbagy, 20

Which clubs are you representing, and when and where did you start your career? I represent Bristol in England for National League and SMOUHA CLUB in Egypt back home in Alexandria

What’s your ranking in your home country and PSA? My ranking in my home country is 4 (after Ramy, Darwish and Shabana) and my PSA-ranking now is 9

What’s your highest ever PSA-ranking? My highest ranking is 9 which I just got to it this month (January ranking)

What are your goals for this season, and for your career in general? Well my goal for this season is to get up the ranking as fast as I can - top 5 is the next step! And I hope in my career that I can do things in squash that no one did before…

What’s your greatest achievement so fare in your career? I think the greatest achievement I did till now was reaching the quarter final of the World Open in Manchester when I was only 17, as I had to come through the qualifications as well
(tilbage i 2008, hvor han bl.a. slog franskmændene Renan Lavigne og Thierry Lincou, samt sin landsmand Hisham Ashour inden han blev slået ud af sit store forbillede Amr Shabana, red.)

What are your biggest strenghs and weaknesses as a squash player? Wont say!

Who are your sponsors? What racquet do you play with and why? I’m sponsored by Tecnifibre and Asics. I play with the white 130 Carboflex - its a light racket and fast and has good control in it and really suit my game

Who is your biggest squash role model? My biggest squash role model is Amr Shabana. He is a great guy on and off court. He taught me a lot of things in squash, he is very simple and I do give him so much respect

What’s your most embarrassing squash experience? I have no idea… sorry!

Everything else

When your not training and playing tournaments, how do you like to spend your time? (maybe a hobby etc.) Well I’m doing a degree, so when I’m not training I’m mostly studying. I like to spend my time with my friends and have a quite dinner - maybe with my family

Which movie is your favourite and why? My favourite movie is BREAVHEART

What’s your favourite dish? For sure JAPANESE as I love sushi! I can eat them everyday the whole day - I don’t mind it :)

What’s has the greatest experience in your life been so fare? (not squash related) My greatest experience so far was when I came to England first when I was 15 years old. I was all alone…
I couldn’t speak english because I was in a french school. I had to see a new culture, different people, different ways of thinking in life and learn how to deal with everything all alone…

If you had to go to a deserted island and could only bring 3 things, what would these be? For sure food, a nice suit, and for sure my girlfriend (or she will kill me! :)…)

Why did you choose to play squash? When I was young I played so many sports, but I always found myself wanting to go everyday to the squash court and just go on court and hit some balls… I like the game a lot - it is just my life. I do something that I like which is very important.

And at last, tell us something about yourself that we don’t know I’m a very serious guy in my life but I do go out and have fun because it’s really important to be serious and have fun sometimes…
This is really funny but I do cry a lot as I never think it’s something wrong (not many people saw me crying though) I’m a very hard guy to handle - especially when I lose a match - so all the close people to me who are handling me, I don’t even know how they are till now… :)