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David: Our teams are improving

May 04, 2016Kasper Pedersen

SQO.dk har fanget landstræneren til en snak om det netop startede EM i Polen. David har udtalt følgende:

“First of all; How do you see the strength of your teams for this ECC? Better than ever or not as strong as you would have wished?”

I feel that the strength of both teams is good, as good as last year or maybe a little better. The women’s team will be solid as they are the same last year. The men’s team will benefit from Lau coming into the team.

“What are you expect ions for the women? Last year they finished 4. Are you reaching for top 3 this year?”

It would of course be great to finish in the top 4 again, we have a chance. We will do the best we can and fight for every point.

“The men were only a few balls away from promotion. You must strive to reach it this year?”

Yes, it was very close last year and it could turn out to be equally close this year again. Wales and Switzerland have come down from division 1 and will be trying their hardest to go back up. Hopefully we can make it up.

“At last, can you point out some matches for as well the women and men, which can be very important for the total outcome of the tournament?”

Every match is a potential ‘banana skin’, there are no easy matches. Every team here is fighting for something and if you switch off you can find yourself in trouble. We will approach every match with full focus and intensity so every match is important.

SQO ønsker alt held og lykke til EM-holdene!

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