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Profil af en stjerne - Nick Matthew

January 01, 2011Tobias Pørtner

Som lovet, så gjort. Tidligere idag bød vi jer læsere velkommen i det nye år med et helt specielt indblik i den store egyptiske mester, Amr Shabanas tanker. Vi stopper dog ikke her og giver jer nu endnu en profil af en af spillets helt store stjerner - denne gang den forsvarende verdensmester og verdens nr. 1!

Name and age: Nick Matthew - 30 years

Which clubs are you representing, and when and where did you start your career? Hallamshire (I started my career here), Duffield, Worns

What’s your ranking in your home country and PSA? 1, 1

What’s your highest ever PSA-ranking? 1

What are your goals for this season, and for your career in general? To improve as a player, hopefully this will lead to staying at number 1 and more titles

What’s your greatest achievement so fare in your career? World Champion (for få uger siden, red.) and 2 Commonwealth Gold Medals

What are your biggest strenghs and weaknesses as a squash player? Strength…volley and mental strength Weakness…I don’t want to tell!

Who are your sponsors? What racquet do you play with and why? Dunlop have supported me since the day I turned professional in 1998. I use the Pro Evolution 120 Nick Matthew racket

Who is your biggest squash role model? Peter Nicol, Jonah Barrington, Geoff Hunt, Rodney Martin

What’s your most embarrassing squash experience? Forgetting to enter the British Open in 2005!

Everything else

When your not training and playing tournaments, how do you like to spend your time? (maybe a hobby etc.) In the summer I like to play a little golf, otherwise just relaxing with friends and family who I don’t get to see much when on tour

Which movie is your favourite and why? Anything and everything. We get chance to watch a lot of movies on tour. I like comedies to help you relax

What’s your favourite dish? At home, steak, at tournament, pasta

What’s has the greatest experience in your life been so fare? (not squash related) Squash has taken up so much of my life and I have loved every minute. All my greatest experiences have probably been squash related, especially having my parents & aunt with me in India to witness my Commonwealth Golds

If you had to go to a deserted island and could only bring 3 things, what would these be? Good music, a few books and sun tan lotion. Maybe a boat if I wanted to leave

Why did you choose to play squash? It is the sport with the greatest one on one physical, technical, tactical and mental challenge

And at last, tell us something about yourself that we don’t know This is my first time writing for a Danish journalist!

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