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Profil af en mester - Amr Shabana

January 01, 2011Tobias Pørtner

Godt nytår! Vi håber hos SQO at I ikke er alt for hårdt ramte her dagen efter. Som en lille nytårsgave og velkommen i det nye år har vi valgt at lave en specialudgave af den gamle “Ugens profil”.

Og det er ikke en Hr. “hvem-som-helst” vi har fået fat i. Han er 4-dobbelt verdensmester og har præget squash på professionelt plan i en lang årrække med sit positive væsen og fantastiske spil. Han er en sand gentleman på banen og desuden kendt for sine helt utrolige tekniske evner. Vi giver jer her et lille indblik i en egyptisk mesters tanker.

Name and age: Amr Shabana, 31 years old

Which clubs are you representing, and when and where did you start your career? Ahly club Egypt. Started at age 5

What’s your ranking in your home country and PSA? PSA-ranking 6 national ranking N/A

What’s your highest ever PSA-ranking? 1

What are your goals for this season and for your career in general? Reclaim number 1 spot and world championships

What’s your greatest achievement so fare in your career? 4 times world champion

What are your biggest strenghs and weaknesses as a squash player? My natural ability is my strength, my attacking squash could be a weakness when not playing well

Who are your sponsors? What racquet do you play with and why? Dunlop and Hitec cause suit me the most

Who is your biggest squash role model? No one special but learn a lot from everybody I watch

What’s your most embarrassing squash experience? Hitting the air while returning a serve at 14 all in the fifth against Nick Matthew 2003

Everything else

When your not training and playing tournaments, how do you like to spend your time? (maybe a hobby etc.) Playing golf and spending time with my family

Which movie is your favourite and why? The Big Lebowski, makes me laugh every time :)

What’s your favourite dish? Pasta and steak

What’s has the greatest experience in your life been so fare? (not squash related) Seeing my daughters enter the world

If you had to go to a deserted island and could only bring 3 things, what would these be? My wife and 2 daughters

Why did you choose to play squash? My parents played it, as did my older sister, so it wasn’t much of a choice for me. I just grew up playing it.

And at last, tell us something about yourself that we don’t know

Mine damer og herrer, det var lidt om den store mester Amr Shabana. Hold øje med sitet i løbet af aftenen - vi har en stjerne mere i vente!