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James Willstrop - tæt på squashens gentleman

May 12, 2011Tobias Pørtner

Vi kender alle navnet James Willstrop. Han er en verdensstjerne inden for vores sport og kendt for sin sympatiske opførsel på banen, samt hans enorme naturtalent og touch på bolden.

Men hvad er han egentlig for en fyr? Hvad betyder noget for ham i livet, hvor har han spillet og hvad er hans største resultat som professionel?
Vi fangede James og fik ham til at udfylde vores klassiske profil, så I læsere endnu engang kunne komme lidt tættere på en af sportens store stjerner:


Name and age: James Willstrop, 27

Which clubs are you representing, and when and where did you start your career? Pontefract, Halifax, Mulhouse and Paderborn. I started my career in…Pontefract? In the year 1900

What’s your ranking in your home country and PSA? 2 and 4

What’s your highest ever PSA-ranking? 2

What are your goals for this season, and for your career in general? To be free of injury and to win, whilst enjoying playing squash

What’s your greatest achievement so far in your career? Winning the Tournament of Champions (TOC) and winning the world team title
(Derudover har James Willstrop bl.a. også vundet junior-VM, red.)

What are your biggest strenghs and weaknesses as a squash player? My biceps and my calves

Who are your sponsors? What racquet do you play with and why? Prince and Adidas, because they are the best of course

Who is your biggest squash role model? There are too many to say…

What’s your most embarrassing squash experience? I have no idea

Everything else

When you’re not training and playing tournaments, how do you like to spend your time? Eating and cooking

Which movie is your favourite and why? ‘Control’. If you watch it you will see why

What’s your favourite dish? A ceramic one?

What has the greatest experience in your life been so far? (not squash related) I don’t know. It didn’t involve substances I am happy to say

If you had to go to a deserted island and could only bring 3 things, what would these be? People excluded? A compilation mix cd/mp3 of Morrissey’s songs. The collected poems of Philip Larkin and a squash racket of course. I would make my own ball from whatever I had. And I would have to find a wall… And a playing partner… hmmm

Why did you choose to play squash? Squash chose me. It seduced me right from the start. It was never, EVER a matter of choice. There was never any doubt

And at last, tell us something about yourself that we don’t know. I have an obsession with carrier bags